Our products and solutions help convert big data into practical and useful Business intelligence tools and can be applied across various industries such as Telecom, Fleet, Energy, Mobile workforce.

Remote Management Solution

Real-time monitoring and alerts, Event reports, tracking and Remote Operations control are provided to our customers on assets through one smart integrated platform. Our clients can view data all at a single glance. The Control tracks all remote devices from smoke censors to grid and solar panel usage. It is the most comprehensive all- Integrated software for remote site management

  Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

We actively track our Clients equipment’s diagnostics and attain uninterrupted uptime with condition-based maintenance. Based on the collection and analysis of accurate diagnostic data, we can provide our clients with straightforward insights for maintaining assets efficiency.

Opex Savings

We provide customer-centric solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each industry, empowering customers to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity and efficiency and result in actual returns on investment.



GalooliPOWER is a leader in RMS solutions focused on improving the bottom line. With more than a decade of experience, GalooliPOWER provides a robust centralized solution that is seamless and smarter than traditional isolated systems.


Today, Galooli ttd continues to provide top-class technology for a large scope of asset managers, enabling both asset productivity and operational savings with full control, 100% of the time.


Generator Analytics & Smart Management Solution


Our in-house produced hardware means assured authentic quality & seamless integration with our software that enable our clients have access to various analytic data. Some of the monitoring solutions we offer here include:

- Generator sensor analysis

- Real time fuel management

- Battery Health

- Engine Diagnostic

- GPS location

- Remote start/stop

- Alarm management

- Smart reporting

Battery Tracker 1.JPG


Making every battery safe and smarter


Galooli provides a high-end battery smart management solution for a variety of industrial battery in the reserve and motive power usages.

Using AI technology, Galooli can convert battery data into practical and useful business intelligence tools.

-Batteries last longer - Optimize Batteries life by ensuring smart management.

-Theft Prevention – Real time alert and real time tracking

-Remote management - Over fleet of batteries or individual batteries parameters location and   configuration.

-Battery lifetime prediction – Accurate prediction according to the battery’s parameters- voltage, current, movement/vibration, tamper detection, internal and battery health.


Galooli OTO stands out as a global partner in remote mobile asset management with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and workforce performance and cutting OPEX.


Built on more than a decade of experience and expertise, our end-to-end solutions offer the most advanced telematics technology coupled with an AI-based platform, that translates multivariate data points into bottom-line results.




-Fuel Efficiency- Precise, live measurements of fuel levels, accurately chart usage and expenditures, alerting when sudden drops in fuel levels are detected.

-Preventive Maintenance- Countless data points are collected and analyzed to provide straightforward insights for maintaining optimal vehicle maintenance and efficiency.

-Driver Behavior- Smart driver behavior component accurately detects hazardous driving and assesses drivers according to their real-time on road performance, in addition to highlighting implications on organizational budget and safety.

-Data Management- Intuitive dashboards clearly display and break down all expenses, helping to identify and isolate potential areas of overspending.

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Galooli has an effective workforce management solution called Bila Mipaka.


The Solution empowers both field technicians and resource managers. It replaces manual reporting with cloud-based progress reports, so you can easily make data-driven conclusions to improve your workforce on the go.

-Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Built with all your industry needs in mind, Bila Mipaka (Swahili for “no limits”) is an innovative mobile workforce management solution that empowers both field workers and resource managers. This simple, cloud-based reporting system arms manager with crucial data to make real-time decisions that optimize employee assignments and quality of work, while reducing your businesses’ operational expenses.

The Bila Mipaka Solution bridges the gap between the field technicians, Back office and Management.


-Cloud-based Management

Paper-based reports are hard to keep track of, time consuming to fill out and organize, a security risk and often short on information. Bila Mipaka’s mobile, cloud-based platform involves easy-to-fill-out management and increased security.

-Live Workforce Management

Bila Mipaka brings the field and the back office together, overcoming typical challenges associated with a distributed and diverse workforce. Real-time reporting and tracking allow field workers to resolve issues faster and more efficiently, with less time and money wasted on unnecessary repeat visits.

-Smart data analysis

Bila Mipaka’s desktop application (Bila View) archives and analyzes all your data in one place. Using advanced artificial intelligence, it highlights important figures and trends, enabling you to effortlessly understand your business costs, statuses, outliers, behaviors and supply usage so you can plan ahead better and save on OPEX.